Q1. Can a 1500 RPM motor be run at 3000 RPM by frequency inverter application?

Q2. Why one has to buy higher frame size motor if it is to be used with frequency inverter applications?

Q3. What is the significance of using only a particular speed motor with a particular application?
        What are the consequences if 3000 RPM motor is used in place of 1500 RPM motor or vice versa?

Q4. What is the full load current of the motor?

Q5. What is the starting current of the motor?

Q6. What is the size of starter and overload relay range required for a particular motor?

Q7. What is the full load torque of the motor?

Q8. What is the starting torque of the motor?

Q9. What is the method of starting for a particular motor.- DOL, Star-Delta, Rotor Resistance

Q10. How many times a motor can be started in an hour without any harmful effect on the winding?