Elite Engineering manufactures highest quality D.C. catering to diverse industrial needs of variable speed drive applications. The company introduced a new range of fully laminated yoke motors. With more development and progress, more frames will be introduced in the range to cater to the market requirement.


Textile machines, Plastic machines, Paper Industry, Aluminum Plants, Non Ferrous Industry, Cement industry, Sugar factories, milk and Food Processing, Automobile Industry, Steel mills, Offset Printing machines, Pharmaceutical Industry, Welding manipulators, Cranes, lifts and Hoists.


  • Designed for ardent tropical conditions. (Ambient 45° C and high humidity.)
  • High efficiency.
  • Low field power.
  • Faster dynamic response.
  • High torque to weight ratio.
  • Large shaft diameters.
  • Class “F” Insulation.
  • Conforming to the standards IEC 34/BS 2613 or IS 4722.

General Specification

Armature Voltage : 220U…500U.
Excitation Type/Voltage : Shunt / 220U.
Mounting : Horizontal Foot (H.F.M.). B-3 B-5 (V.F.M.)
Protection : IP 23, IP 44/54/55.
Cooling : Forced Cooling.
Insulation : Class F.
(Motor for different voltages can be supplied)

Accessories (Optional)

  • Air inlet filter for IC 06 motors.
  • Space Heaters.
  • Thermistor protection for field winding.

Constructional Features

Magnet Frame

Made from precisely punched steel laminations and pressed together in fixture to form a very rigid structure. The pressed pole stampings are similarly made in to poles and are located in the recesses provided.


Armature laminations are made from low loss dynamo grade sheets, which are assembled on a high quality steel shaft. The winding is made from Super enameled copper and fully impregnated with insulating Varnish for long life.

Dynamic Balancing

The armatures are dynamically balanced with precision using two plane balancing technique.

Manufacturing & Supply Range

  • D.C. electric motors (Shunt, Series, Compound 0.125 kw to 150 kw)
  • D.C. generators.
  • D.C. motor generator set
  • D.C. dynamometers
  • D.C. battery chargers
  • D.C. traction duty battery operated motors
  • Alternators
  • A.C. motors

Solid Yoke
Laminated Yoke